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Steamshine™ Steam Cleaning Systems

Product Selection Guide

Large Factory / Very Large Store

For a factory, or a very large store, our Steamshine™ CL9001 Nobilia 6 gallon capacity unit, will buff, shine and steam clean and generate steam all day for continuous production.

At only 1650 watts or higher wattage on 240-volt units at no additional charge, it is the most efficient steam cleaner on the market and the only steam cleaner in continuous production since the70s. Labor saving costs along with energy savings help to pay for itself in less than a year. Auto fill option strongly recommended.

For high-end jewelry manufacturer or store we strongly suggest the Regalia CL2000 4.4-gallon Steamshine™ steam cleaner.

Medium Factory / Medium Store

For a medium factory or store, we recommend our 4.4 gallon model Shinemaster™ Regalia for high end and Nobilia for mid-range quality. Complete stainless steel construction makes this model virtually maintenance-free and gives you unmatched polishing, buffing and cleaning power.

Small Factory / Small Store / Wholesaler

For a small factory, small store, or a wholesaler, we recommend 2.2 gallon CL 2005 Shinemaster ™Regalia for high-end and Nobilia for mid-range quality. This unit has the same pressure as larger units. Please add the options that best suit your needs. Autofill is a laborsaving feature.

Small Retail Store / Gem Lab / Repair Shop

For a small retail store, a gem lab, or a repair shop, the Steamshine™ CL2010 Nobilia or Lotus with 1.4-gallon capacity & proven performance is a great buy. Deluxe option recommended for high-end jewelry.

Trade Shows / Traveling Salesperson / Home

For trade shows, traveling salespeople, or for home use, the Lotus CL 2020 .5-gallon unit fits perfectly. It heats up in about ten minutes, and is ready to clean that family treasure or sample line in a jiffy. With a cabinet only 4.5" wide, this unit fits anywhere. This model is easy to use and virtually maintenance-free!.

If you have any questions about which model would best suit your specific needs, please feel free to contact us. We are always glad to help.

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