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Steamshine™ Steam Cleaning Products

Options For Our Steam Cleaners


Steamshine™ with Shinemaster™ option has almost similar results to the Steamshine™ Regalia: for cost considerations, Shinemaster™ has only one tank for both water and Polishing Compound, while the Steamshine™ Regalia product line has a dedicated tank for water and a dedicated tank for the compound.


Turbo adds a second heating element, controlled by a separate circuit, and engages only when needed, for long uninterrupted work loads!


Deluxe adds a pressure switch in addition to a thermostat and solenoid valve, for buffing at the flip of a switch. Unsurpassed performance!


Plus turns the unit On when the water reaches high level, and turns it Off when empty. Ideal for multi-user locations, the automatic On/Off prolongs the life of the components. It is a must-have for AutoFill units. (Not available on CL2020).

Auto Fill

Auto fill is a 7-day programmable timer turns the unit on as needed, and shuts it off at night. The microprocessor controller fills the unit automatically every morning and as needed during the day, saving you thousands of dollars in labor costs. You can program it so that when you come to work the unit is ready at operating pressure! Can be installed on Plus units only. This option pays for itself.

Flexible Hose, Handle and Nozzle

Flexible Hose, Handle and Nozzle, with an overall length of more than three feet, reaches anywhere. High quality braided silicone hose, heavy duty insulated handle with silicone cover assure long lasting durability.

Option Available: Flexible Hose for our Steam Cleaners.

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