Steamshine™ Steam Cleaners & The Jewelry Industry

Steamshine™ Steam Cleaners & The Jewelry Industry

CD Nelson Consulting, the world leader in precision fine microscopic cleaning and finishing through research started in the 70s and with more that 80,000 installations worldwide ranging from factories with hundreds of employees to family-owned and small businesses, introduces Shinemaster™.

Our Products

Research spanning over four decades, experience in continuous production and service, have now culminated in our latest development, the Shinemaster™: brilliant, exceptional results, unattainable with any other method, and ease of use, distinguish this most important development in our industry.

Virtually maintenance-free, energy-efficient, and friendly to the environment are secondary benefits.

What They Can Do

In the faceting process, diamonds and other stones have polish marks on which the cutting oils and residue "burn" are embedded, leaving stones dark. In the manufacturing process, this polishing residue is removed through acid boiling.

Shinemaster™ takes the cleaning process one step further: our patented and now patent-pending, new product at the flip of a switch removes the baked-on residue with ease.

Shinemaster™ is a must have tool!


It is customary to increase the clarity of a diamond by 2, even 4 grades! Even lesser quality diamonds can dazzle with dancing brilliance after microscopic cleaning. Colored stones come to life too! This is possible because after treatment, substantially more light enters the stone and reflects on its facets.

Other Benefits

This revolutionary new system buffs even otherwise unreachable areas such as rhodium plating under already mounted stones. It even buffs platinum, gold and silver to a shine never seen before!


A small investment, around $1000, will return to you dividends out of all proportions, every day, for a long time to come. Increasing your reputation of quality jeweler is also furthered by this small investment.


Each unit carries a manufacturers warranty on parts and labor.

Feel free to contact us for more details at: 815/759-2828 or via email.

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