Steamshine™ Steam Cleaners: You Can Expect The Best From Our Products.

About Steamshine™ Steam Cleaners:

Expect the Best!

What Matters Most

Now you can have your 15 minutes of fame every time a customer enters your store. Second best is not an option! Your winning combination, Steamshine™ and Shinemaster™ makes your jewelry the best value in town! Silver, gold, and platinum will shine like diamonds and your diamonds will radiate brilliantly with rainbows of color never seen before! Color stones too will show their true color!


We are the world leader in microscopic precision cleaning, using nano technology at the molecular level (based on units sold.) With over 90,000 installations worldwide we have produced more units of the current models than all our competitors combined. Rest assured: we leave nothing to chance, and we will do whatever it takes for you to succeed.


Survival of the smartest design came only after careful thought has covered every aspect of our products, and tens of thousands of hours of observation and testing, along with consideration of the large variety of materials cleaned and how they react to treatment, have been invested. Our accumulated knowledge guarantees you to receive the right item in the size you need, and the best options suited for your success in business. We will teach you how to polish, how to buff, what solution to use and what to avoid insuring your success. Knowledge of your business prompted us to build units in many sizes and with many options to best suit your needs.

Long Life/Reliability

Our products have the longest operating life of all. We still receive for service units manufactured in the 70s and we remanufacture them to our high standard, fit for the 21st century.


Steamshine™ units set the world standard others try to imitate with disastrous effects for their customer and industry. Steamshine™ units have all you can possibly want, and in the unlikely event that you need any modification, rest assured: We will accommodate you. Steamshine™ steam cleaners do exactly what their name implies. They shine your valuable jewelry like nothing else! The diamond-based buffing compound buffs even under the already set stones. Options we made available for you, like G.P. Deluxe, Plus feature, Turbo, Automatic Fill, and Flexible Nozzle are available only from us. There is no other and there is no substitute!

Product Integrity

With your needs in mind, we are thinking not only of our product, but also how it is integrated from the customers point of view and how your customer indirectly relates to us through our product, for our products guarantee not to damage your jewelry with rust particles which can fracture colored stones and diamonds, not to mention the fact that rust from other steam cleaners will change the color of even 18 Karat gold. Steamshine™ guarantees not to thermally shock colored stones or diamonds as "atmospheric" steam cleaners or steam cleaners with heating elements immersed in water can.


Steamshine™ is the first steam cleaner with a brain! Because of patented and patent-pending designs, Steamshine™ can be left without water for any period of time without any adverse effects! We are the first to set industry standards: all components are enclosed in a double-wall stainless steel cabinet, eliminating the possibility that you or your employees may touch hot components, even the Steam Jet nozzle has an insulating silicone tube to prevent injuries.


All our products are virtually maintenance-free stainless steel construction, which eliminates the need for cumbersome blow-downs or the need to descale the heating element due to mineral build-up. Steamshine™ steam cleaners have external heating elements.


With us you can be sure of unsurpassed service. We have what you need when you need it. If you are one of our customers in Paris Texas, Paris France, Peking China or New Delhi India next day you will have your wish come true! We offer loaner units, generous trade-ins, and service your unit at our factory to like new standard, fit for you to compete in the 21st century. No local dealer could ever match our service! At least we do not know any.


We guarantee the lowest price. Do not settle for less when you can purchase the best! Because 80% of our sales is repeat business to existing customers, factory refurbished units are available and priced to sell, allowing you to purchase super performance, high-end product at low-end price.


Most industrial products cost many times more to install and operate than the purchase price. For this reason, we manufacture the most efficient units on the market today. Regardless if it is a 500-watt or a 25000-watt unit, the energy savings more than pay for the unit in two to five years! You will save in labor cost too, for our units are virtually maintenance-free. No expensive distilled water required, and no harsh chemicals to remove rust or to descale. If you are lucky enough to own our product made in the 70s, 80s, or 90s or just recently purchased one, you are part of our extended family and we will support you in all your needs.


This unsolicited testimonial from a leading jeweler in Florida describes us best:

"...your thoughtfulness has a way of touching our lives... of making our days a little brighter... And problems seem a whole lot smaller... it is people like you who make the difference in this world."

A leading Pennsylvania jeweler writes:

"We, having been in business for 40 years, seldom hear from customers, unless they have complaints; therefore I thought it a pleasant change to tell you how very happy I have been since purchasing the Steamshine™ cleaning machine. It has not only made our customers happy when we clean their jewelry, but our stock has never looked better. I have used my machine daily for the last three years and question how I ever did without it."

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