About Steamshine™ Steam Cleaners

About Steamshine™ Steam Cleaners

A Message From Our C.E.O.

Clint Nelson
Clint Nelson

Dear Customer,

You are the heart and the focus of our business. From inception in the 70s, consideration for your environment and safety propelled us to develop the Steamshine™ Steam cleaner*. In those days most jewelry cleaning was done with harsh chemicals, such as cyanides. Steam cleaners were used only in manufacturing jewelry because they were too dangerous to use, and too expensive and too complicated to operate.

We were at the forefront to ban CFCs, and through Congress we managed to enact laws friendly to your environment. In the 80s our focus received an additional dimension: energy efficiency, and we started making virtually maintenance-free products.

In the 90s we added to our mission yet a new marked improvement: superior, unsurpassed cleaning performance, setting new worldwide standards, allowing us to bring you the Diamond Decade!

For our customers, the new millennium is like MAGIC! Steamshine™ Steam cleaners, Shinemaster™ Regalia and Nobilia allow them to bring unsurpassed superlative rainbows of color even from the least diamonds, shining and glittering platinum, gold and silver to luster never seen before, thus prospering better than average.

For all this, credit is due to our research staff for continuous effort spanning over four decades, Northwestern University, Illinois Institute of Technology, NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration, University of Wisconsin, research consulting companies and perhaps more importantly, credit is due to over 90,000 customers worldwide who made the Nelson Cleaning Technology accepted the world over, beyond our wildest dreams.

Our diverse customer base reads like the Who's Who, some in countries we didn't even know existed, in industries from diamond cutting, jewelry manufacturing, retail stores, medical device and implant producers, optical and electronics, and many others. We literally clean the Crown Jewels!

Together, we redefined every aspect of our businesses, even what Customer Service means: We guarantee not only your satisfaction we guarantee your happiness!

Buy our product confidently, it will bring you more beauty, joy and hope than you can imagine, money too, for it will pay dividends out of all proportions as compared to the small price.

Truly Yours,

Clint Nelson
President and C.E.O.

*Richard Allen Winter, John Nolan, and Clint Nelson founded the CD Nelson Company.

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