Jewelshine Ultrasonic Cleaners & Accessories : We Make Your Jewels Shine

Steamshine™ Steam Cleaners

We produce the most powerful, effective, and safe to use ultrasonic and steam cleaning systems for cleaning jewelry, dental implants, medical implants, and electronics.

From the inception of our companies over thirty years ago, consideration for your needs and for our environment has guided our research and development.

Our products are the result of years of testing within the finest facilities from NASA to Illinois Institute of Technology and the patented technology that we developed together as a team.

Over 120,000 Installations Worldwide

Steamshine steam cleaners and Jewelshine ultrasonic cleaners are the winning combination. Together, we lead the world in cleaning technology for the Jewelry, Dental and other Medical Industries, and have thousands of satisfied customers world-wide. On last count, over 90,000 installations worldwide.

Our steam cleaners and ultrasonic cleaning systesm clean the most beautiful diamonds and jewelry in the world. We literally clean the Crown Jewels!

What Are Your Needs?

Let us know how we can be of assistance to you. We would love the opportunity to earn your business and a chance to dazzle you with our results!

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